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The Christian songs listed below are examples of lyrics I wrote that someone has put the music to. Click on them and listen to a brand new Christian Song, Praise God!

Psalm 96:1 (KJV)
O sing unto the Lord a new song: sing unto the Lord, all the earth.

Are You All In Music and Vocals by Shelby Wilfong
Can You See Music and Vocals by Shelby Wilfong
Deliver Us Music and Vocals by Shelby Wilfong
You Saved Me Lord Music and Vocals by Nicole Milillo
Your Faith Will Come Music and Vocals by Stu Karlsson
There's A Such Thing Called Love Music and Vocals by Joshua Holbrook
Send Me An Angel Music and Vocals by Joshua Holbrook
Ups and Downs Music and Vocals by Joshua Holbrook
Let's Do It Your Way Music and Vocals by Christian Rapper Dennis Devraj from India!
Runnin To Ya Music and Vocals by Yana Edwards
My Battlecry Music and Vocals by Ammos White from South Africa
Overflowing Music by Warren Ristow from South Africa / vocals by Eva

This List below of Christian Song Lyrics still need music...Find one you like and bring it to life!

  • Oh Come Home Sinner
  • In These Troubled Times
  • Sow the Truth
  • Jesus Rap
  • Jesus Made the Roses
  • I've Got the Power of Love in Me
  • For Heaven's Sake
  • Fly Away
  • I Think About
  • When You Come
  • If You Always Do
  • What's it Gonna Take For You
  • 8th Day
  • Until the Day He Died
  • Blink of an Eye
  • Nearer and Nearer the End
  • In Jesus Name (Version 2)
  • 70 Times 7 Amen
  • Book of Life
  • It's All About Jesus
  • Come and Hear
  • Come and Hear (Version 2)
  • I Know a Man
  • When He Opened Up His Arms
  • Twenty Four Seven Three Sixty Five
  • I am the Lost
  • Show Me a Piece of Heaven
  • Show Me a Piece of Heaven (Version 2)
  • Think About God
  • I Paid the Price
  • S.O.A.K.
  • I Think About God
  • Hi Lord
  • Settle Down
  • The Alley in the Valley
  • On Sunday Morn'an
  • In Jesus' Name
  • And Then Some
  • Inside Outside
  • Jesus Paid my Fine
  • Let's Get Together
  • Don't You Let Him In
  • I'm Gonna' Do It
  • We're Walking it Out
  • TheEnemy
  • What in the World Would I Know
  • All You Want is More
  • Great Prince of Peace
  • If These Walls Could Talk
  • Use Me For Your Glory
  • All My Sins
  • Woe America
  • You Do Something About It
  • What Good Is It
  • Stand Fast
  • Jesus My Love Song
  • Society's Falling Down
  • Please Lord Oh Please
  • Oh Lord
  • Oh Sweet Jesus
  • Why Don't I Talk About Him
  • G-O-S-P-E-L
  • Just Like a Hurricane
  • In Heaven We'll Sing
  • Why Did this Have to Happen to Me
  • So Who's Your King
  • Those Days
  • The Real Me
  • You are God's and No One Else's
  • Take Me As I Am
  • Hey You
  • I Thank God
  • We Just Gotta Believe
  • What Does it Mean
  • Fall On Me
  • Get Plugged In
  • I Was a Dead Man
  • He Said Lettem' Dance
  • Have You Been Filled
  • Tell Them About Me
  • A Mile or 2
  • When Jesus Comes Back Again
  • We Have a Hand
  • I Gotta Have You in Me
  • Cry Out
  • Words I Sing
  • Show Me the Way
  • Take It By Force
  • He's The One
  • Today's Just One of Those Days

    List of Poems that could also be made into longer songs or use portions or the poems to create a song...

  • My Best Friend

  • A Gloomy Day

  • The Cross

  • By Faith

  • A Bible for Paul

  • Each and Every Day

  • For the Love of the Lamb was Pure

  • For the Time is Near

  • He is the I am

  • His Name is Jesus

  • I am on a Path

  • Jesus oh Jesus, the King of all Kings!

  • Know that He Loves You

  • Life is a Miracle

  • Lost in Love

  • Love is the Answer

  • My Savior

  • Of the Flesh

  • Reach, Stand, Lift, Go

  • Son, Just Leave that to Me

  • The Foundation

  • The Lord Lifts You Up

  • Tomorrow Will be Too Late

  • Yes Lord Lift Me Up on High

  • You Can Make a Choice

  • Thank You Jesus

  • 2nd Chance

  • Just 1 Number Off

  • Do Unto Others

  • A Simple Old Song

  • 4 Men Adrift

  • Balloon of Hope

  • Be Free

  • Come and Join Me-n-Jesus

  • Endure to the End

  • Forgive Me

  • Freely I Give Unto Thee

  • Guitar Man

  • His Story

  • Idle Words

  • You Say

  • Little Johnnie

  • Long Lost Son

  • The Day the Rain Came

  • The Empty Church

  • The Gift

  • Send the Word of God

  • What Did He See?

  • You Bet Your Life

  • Tomorrow Could Be the Very Last Day

  • Who What Where When Why and Why

  • Born in a Manger