"A Mile or 2"
Michael Flipp

I've walked many a mile or 2
Going in the wrong direction
Thinking everything was OK
But I couldn't see where I was goin'

And then there came that day
When the light of God was revealed to me
The truth became the light
And that was the day that I was set free!

Now all of the praise and the glory
Goes to the One who alone is worthy
He's the Alpha and the Omega
The Lion of the Tribe of Judah
HE's Faithful and True - He's the Son of Man
The King of Kings, a Shepherd and The Lamb

Even when I was in that dark place
The Lord Jesus saved me with His Grace
And now I believe in the one Creator
Deliverer, Comforter, Almighty Father

I'm not blind anymore
And I owe it all to My Savior
He's The Horn of My Salvation
Conquering death by His Resurrection

Now we've all got a mile or 2 to go
And Jesus is the way
Through Him all will be OK
And you'll know right where you're goin!

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