Little Johnnie
Poem By Mike Flipp

Little Johnnie walked by the store
In the window he saw bikes galore!
But there was one special bike that caught his eye
It was bright red, and looked fast, it would probably fly!
So he asked the clerk for the price of this bike
"99 dollars, I'll get it if you like."
Oh not right now, said Johnnie with a smile
I will be back in a very short while
But Johnnie knew he did not have enough
And he contemplated selling all of his stuff
But even after he figured all of that out
He would still be short 50 dollars there about
So what could he do he thought with a sigh
He then started praying to God most High
He said to God, Oh please Father, may I have it?
I will do extra chores, and even sell my new ball mitt
I want it so bad, Oh God, can't you see
That I will do anything, if you will agree
So after Johnnie prayed, to God every night
He walked by the store, his bike was in sight
He worked extra hard and saved all his dough
And watched and rejoiced as his money did grow
And 3 months later when summers end came
He said to his Dad while he watched the ball game
He said Dad, there's this bike, down at the store
And I need your help getting it out the door
Well ok Johnnie, I know you've been working hard
Saving your money and working in the yard
You've done chores at the neighbors, and down the street
You've surely been busy and moving your feet
You hustled and sweated all summer long
You've also been good and done nothing wrong
So off they went to get Johnnie's shiny new ride
Oh he was so happy and full of self pride
He's waited for this day and could hardly wait
He and his Dad drove out the gait
Down to the store the two of them went
But along the way, they saw an old gent
It was Johnnie's neighbor weeping and sad
Johnnie's Dad stopped and asked what was so bad?
He replied with humble word or two
He just lost his job, and his rent was due
His wife was ill and could not work at all
And he's been waiting 2 weeks for work to call
The factory was closing and times were hard
And Johnnie remembered working in his yard
Then Johnnie thought about the bike
And he thought about his neighbor out on his hike
Johnnie said Dad, I don't want it no more
So please don't take me to that old store
Johnnie went home and put his cash in a sock
To his neighbor's back door, hung it from the lock
Johnnie's Dad was proud of his son that day
He snuck down to the store and put that bike on lay-away
Johnnie's Dad made payments he cut back on some things
But the Love his son showed, is what a good heart brings
So he didn't mind the least one bit
When he saw Johnnie's eyes and face all lit
Its moments like these that we should all treasure
Its things like these that we should all measure
Helping a neighbor in need of a hand
Showing brotherly love across our land