Of the Flesh


Oh Lord how I try to be like You and knowing my fault.

It saddens me so to be weak in the flesh.

I am in a sea of confusion and yet I know of the Promised Land.

I long to be delivered, but I am yet but a man.

Striving to be free of the flesh and searching for the answer of the spirit.

When tested I fail, I will not give in totally.

Humbled and broken, I have nothing to give.

My soul I pray for the Lord to set free, so in Him I may live in eternity.

I am not perfect nor am I close, but I have felt Him.

In the presence of my body He came upon me one night.

A lost sinner I am, that even He so loved.

No matter what I do, He will be there.

How they must have felt in the wilderness, I can only dream.

For their Promised Land was but a short distance away.

Even as mine is but a short ways from me

It seems like an ending closing in on his grace.

Oh Lord forgive me of my sinful ways.