The Day the Rain Came
By Mike Flipp

The day the rain came I was inside and dry
I thought about things And some made me cry
Why don't they know? Why do they parish?
Why can't they see? This rain they should cherish
It poured out with love For a healing rain it was
Straight from above As God always does
We are to be thankful For all things good and bad
You must have faith to last And it's surely ok to be sad
How am I to know Of the things in God's great plan
For sometimes something bad Is really something grand
A flat tire that delays you A family pet now gone
A broken heirloom now worthless A mother doe dead, an orphaned fawn
If you know in your heart And trust God in all things
Something that seems bad A great season it brings
The flat on your tire Kept you from death
And then you ran into Your love Mary Beth
Your once beloved dog Whom you played with so much
Left an impact on you And your heart he did touch
That vase your Mom gave you that now needs repair
was all full of mold and put bad things in the air
The Doe that was shot On that cold fall day
Left a fawn all alone And how could that be OK?
Because on this cold and rainy day I looked out my window at dawn
A tear streamed down my face When I saw that shivering fawn
I went outside and held in my hand
Some corn and some oats That we grew on our land
That fawn is now 2 And is no longer the same
And neither have I been That day the rain came