Long Lost Son
Poem By Mike Flipp

Working late on a summers day
All she thought about was Saturday
For this weekend she was going to meet
Her long lost son she was afraid to greet
She gave him up when he was just 8 weeks
Life was hard, its valleys and peaks
A single Mom, no direction in life
She now regrets not being a wife
But all in the past and forward she moves
She now has God and Jesus who soothes
Her son is now 12 and he's sure getting tall
She's nervous to see him at noon in the mall
What will she say and how will he act
She prayed to God to help her react
To say the right things and try to mend
Her relationship with him so it won't bend
As she sat at a table near the food court
Again came this feeling, but she didn't abort
At least he's alive and doing quite well
That's what's important, that she can tell
So as noon came around she got up and went
Back home to her house, to pray and repent
This was just practice, for hopefully some day
It will be for real, and she'll know what to say
But for now she must wait until her son calls her
And makes that appointment some day for sure
6 more years went by and a call did come
It was the sound of her long lost son
He said Mom, it's ok, I surely understand
When you were young and didn't really plan
So can we meet at the mall at noon?
I want to see you and meet really soon
Oh yes that will be quite nice
She said it so soft, and then said it twice
So the next day at noon, her son she met
He gave her a hug and the two of them wept