Endure to the End
By Mike Flipp

It is a lack of belief that prevents miracles
It is a lack of love that turns hearts into icicles
It is a lack of faith that causes dead works
It is a lack of hope that stifles life's perks
But we all want God's very best
And we often fail that simple test
We are all guilty of setting a limit too low
We are all guilty of passing up a seed to sow
These things tear us down and make us weak
We do need God and His strength we seek
God's strength is made perfect by our weakness
And it will show in our humbled times and meekness
But what will it take to light your fire
To make you yearn and have that desire
What will it take to make a cold or a warm
Change their temperature in the middle of a storm
We need to be hot and full of fire
Confidence then should be your desire
For if your heart condemns you not
Then confidence in the Lord is what you got
And with this confidence we can ask anything
And we know He hears us so that we can bring
Petitions before Him that we have a desire
If they be of God's will and spark a fire
Repent and forgive and tell this to others
Keep His commandments you sisters and brothers
It truly is about what's in your heart
And what you believe to make a new start
To be born again and keep your heart right
Endure to the end, keep Jesus in sight