The Lord Lifts You Up



The Lord lifts you up, when you are down

He loves you more than you even know

Cherish the time you have with Him

And know that He is there for you


In good times and bad, know He is there

He will help you through all of your days

So start each one with love in your heart

And tell Him you care like a child might do


Be patient and listen then watch and see

For He will reveal to you a lesson or two

Each one is a treasure for you to cherish

He wants to know you as only He can


Your relationship with Him is very unique

It�s a special gift to you and for everyone else

For He wants you to think of Him as a friend

A friend that will never part from you ever


His grace upon thee will have an effect

Darkness will fall for there will be no room

His kingdom will stand mighty and grand

And He just wants to share it with you!