You Can Make a Choice



You can make a choice to let Him in

You can take a stand and choose not to sin

He loves you so much and wants to do more

But you have to listen and not close the door


What can you do, just a simple old man

For who am I you ask, I have no plan

Do not worry yourself with that thought

For He has already bled and bought


He saved everyone from doom with His love

He came as our Savior straight from above

It�s final and done and so in His name

Just pray to God often and be glad He came


He is the true Son of the God Most High

And only through Him can we soar and fly

Be at peace with God, and get to know Him

He will be there for you, when your light gets dim


For the greatest tragedy we ever did see,

Was a King on a cross and so wronged was He

Yet His love poured out for they did not know

In love and much faith, shall we ALL now grow