Tomorrow Could Be the Very Last Day
A Poem by Mike Flipp

Danny came home late one night
Said he got lost, his face looked white
Told everyone at home of what he saw
It was Jesus or an Angel that dropped his jaw
It was amazing he said as we all listened in
A figure appeared and spoke about sin
He couldn't move for he was afraid
He just listened and on his stomach he laid
The voice spoke to him and said, you are lost
But a way has been made that was worth the cost
Danny I want you to follow me, I will show you the way
Danny asked who are you and what did you say?
Follow me For I am the truth and the light
Danny looked up and could hardly see it was so bright
Soon I will be coming for my bride
And I want you to tell them so they don't hide
But why me Lord what can I do?
I chose you and what I say is true
You need to stay here in this very town
I need you to witness to those downtown
You know your way around those streets
My church has far too many empty seats
I am preparing a feast and the table's getting set
I want the hungry and lost, the one's cold and wet
Tell them I have something waiting for them
The cost is free so make sure they attend
Let them come and drink the water of life freely
They will be blessed now and for eternity
Tell them all their days are running short
They must repent before they come to my court
All will be judged for every action and word
Tough times are coming he then heard
Danny then told the Lord that he would try
And then he sat up and began to cry
Then Danny heard the words I love you
They comforted him so deep and true
After Danny told us of what he saw and heard
Someone grabbed a bible to look up the Word
What Danny said really made some sense
We have not been living on the right side of the fence
Danny said then he was changing his ways
He said the time is near, we don't have many days
I must go out and spread the gospel
For with God, All things are possible
For some the truth won't be heard
They'll just say that's so absurd
But I can't let that bother me in any way
For tomorrow could be the very last day