I Am on a Path



I am on a path that leads to destiny

But before I was in total darkness

Now that I see the light ahead of me

I must have patience and the time will come


The Lord has opened my eyes, Praise God

To the Love of the Lamb, The King

Through Him I am saved and so are you

Glory be to God and the Son in all things


God's best for you can be all things

For the blood of the Lamb was shed

Never doubt for one single minute

That He is there for you always.


Praise Him and Love Him, your neighbor too

And that is a commandment worth sharing

For eternal salvation is mightier in Him

Than all other things of this world


Temptations will come, strongholds appear

The test of time will see you through

I am not alone, and neither are you

He will guide all who seek His grace