Do Unto Others
Poem By Mike Flipp

As I exited the freeway a man held a sign
It said Family in Crisis, they didn't have a dime
The man's clothes were tattered, old and worn out
It was cold as he stood there; no one gave him a 2nd thought
I told my wife, I like to give to people in need
She reached into her purse and 3 dollars were freed
So out the window I held it, and stopped all the cars
It's not up to me, whether he buys food or goes to bars
Does he really have a family, or was this a line?
Was this some made up thing he just wrote on a sign?
From what I have learned it's not for me to judge
All we have to do is to give and not hold a grudge
For blessings do come in many different ways
So be a cheerful giver all of your days
That's what I've learned and what I try and do
So don't judge a man, and God won't judge you
Whether he's asking for help or holding a sign
Just do what you can and let God be Divine
What goes around surely will come
Do unto others as you would like done