If These Walls Could Talk
By Michael Flipp

(Chorus) If these walls could talk
We'd all be ashamed
If He chose to return today
What on earth would He say?
If these walls could talk
On that great and terrible day
Would we be convicted?
What in heaven would they say?

What goes on in this old church
What happens within these walls
Are we really a light that yearns
To keep His ways and laws...Oh

The walls are surely iron clad
They've heard every Word said
Good, bad, happy or sad
What have we taught or even led...Oh

So let's be thankful and change our ways
So we're not the least ashamed
Because He's about due any day now
He's about due any day...Oh

Maybe one day we'll all go out
And leave these walls right here
And if the Lord be willing
We'll feel Him there and near...Oh

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