A Gloomy Day
Poem By Mike Flipp

A little girl stayed in her room one day
She was alone and had no games to play
It rained outside and the day looked grim
No light from the sun, if any, was dim
So she played a game in her mind and thought
She played a game her pastor had taught
For one day at church it was just like today
And the Pastor gathered the children to say
That when you are alone and have nothing to do
And the day is dark and very grim for you
Close your eyes and think about Jesus
And think about the gifts He gives as He pleases
Then imagine yourself playing games with Him
Imagine the day is sunny and no longer dim
And while you are playing and singing a song
Dance around your room all the day long
Put your arms in the air and twirl around
And then slowly lay down and don't make a sound
For when you do this to have some fun
On a day that's gloomy and there is no sun
The Lord will play and dance with you
And then this day will no longer be blue
She remembered this game that the Pastor did teach
And began to play, she chose the beach
So on the beach she played games with the Lord
They danced and sang, they flew and they soared
They danced through the heavens and on the moon
They spun and they twirled and sang a sweet tune
And before she knew it, it was time for bed
Jesus tucked her in and a prayer she then said
She said, Thank you Jesus for a wonderful day
Thank you for the songs and the games to play
Thank you for taking me to the moon
I pray that we can do this, again really soon
For when there is a gloomy day again
I will be so happy with You, Amen.
Then Jesus spoke softly and said to her
I love you so much you're so very dear
For the Kingdom of Heaven was made for you
And all God's children, and even parents too!
But they all must believe and come to Me
They must be as a child and have faith to see
So yes little one we can play anytime
Whether it's gloomy or sunny, I always shine
So come to Me just as you have this day
And remember I hear you when in faith you pray.