Why Don't I Talk About Him
By Michael Flipp

I was sittin' in church on a Sunday morning
Thinking about something else I'd rather be doing
Thinking about all the Where's and the When's
But when I'm out and with my friends...

Why don't I talk about Him?
Why don't I share what He means to me?
Why can't I be a light to them?
Why am I sitting here if I don't believe?
Am I just the hearer?
Will I ever be a doer?
I think I need some help...I don't wanna be a liar
I better examine myself...and get the magnifier

I like going out, I like being on the town
And all the fun parties that I've found
I like the people and hearing their stories
But when I'm out and with my homies...


What does it really mean to say "I Believe"?
Isn't going to church all that I need?
I mean C'mon siting here has to have its perks
And the preacher even said I aint saved by my works, but...


If I loved'em, I'd say somethin'
If I loved'em, I'd do somethin'
So do I really love God, Do I love my neighbor?
Is it all about me, or about my Savior? So...


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