A Bible for Paul


A gift was given to a lonely old man

He had nothing to give in return

He was very poor and without any hope

And there was no money for him to earn


Then one day he found a very old book

He read through the pages that day

Upon learning of a man that they called Jesus

It showed him of a new and different way


How great is this book he thought to himself

How great are the things told here within it

If he could only believe that these things are for real

So he said a prayer, and a spark was then lit


His faith in a man who was written in ink

Grew largely as each day passed him by

The stories within came alive to him now

He just knew in his heart that he had to try


He stopped doing things that he normally did

As his new life progressed at the age of eighty

He knew his prayers had surely been heard

When along came a fair maiden lady


They married shortly after they met that eve

And the two of them gave praise to the King

Where two or more are gathered in prayer

They both saw the joy the Lamb could bring


A blessing for both as they soon found out

Was God's plan for them as they both now knew

And now their days are spent together with God

Lonesome no more, and neither are blue


Was it just a book or was it more than that

That gave life's answers to all

For where she lost that book on that fateful day

Along came an old man who's name was Paul.