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  • On Sunday Morn'an
    By Michael Flipp

    Sunday after Sunday
    I can't go on like it's just fine
    I'm not going to do this anymore
    I've gotta quit sitting on the sidelines
    Ohhhhhh..Woah ohhh....!

    I wanna do something
    I wanna do something more
    I wanna do something more-than
    Sit in a church on Sunday Morn-an'
    I serve a God that I can hear
    A God that I can see
    A God that is real
    A God that is real to me
    I just gotta do something
    I just gotta do something more
    I just gotta do something more-than
    Sit in this church on Sunday Morn'an

    The God I seek seems far away
    But something in me just knows He's there
    What can I be missing
    Please God show me You care

    There's gotta be a whole lot more
    Than what I've been seeing
    If God is all powerful
    Then what are we missing? !!!

    I guess that all along
    He's been waiting for us to move
    Instead of sitting in this church
    God will do ...what He said He'd do
    Will you ? Will You ? Will You ? (fade out)