2nd Chance
Poem By Mike Flipp
June 05, 2005

While sitting at the bus stop
I noticed a man across the street
He was in his yard all fenced in
Picking the weeds and keeping things neat

He looked to be about seventy-five
He was a short man and wore a bright red sweater
His yard was immaculately well maintained
So much so, I hadn't seen any yard better

As I waited for the bus as I do everyday
I've watched this man as he groomed over his yard
He was caring and meticulous, nothing was amiss
Not a thing out of place, not while he was on guard

I then wondered if he knew God
I wondered if he had that inner peace
It sure seemed so, but how could I tell
He looked like a shepherd, with lambs to fleece

Oh I bet he knows Jesus, he has such a look
And the fruit of his yard, God surely knows him
He waves hi to the children and passers by
For him not to know about God, the chances are slim

I should say hi and find out his name
Oh some other day, I have to get going
But I would like to ask him a question
Oh not right now I see he is mowing

I've watched him for years
And have never even said hi
I've just watched from afar
And always walked right on by

Tomorrow I will do it, I'll go and say hi
I'll ask him his name, and if he knows God
I'll go over early so we can spend a little time
I'm sure he'll be out, watering the sod

So tomorrow came and over to his house I went
As I neared the man's yard, there was a terrible sight
I walked up to his place and saw the medics go in
Oh no, I thought, Oh God please let him be alright

The medics came out and a sheet covered his face
I asked the man pushing, if this was the man?
The man who lived here and took care of this yard?
The medic looked up with sadness, then put him in the van

Oh no, Oh please Lord, was this man saved?
I have to know Lord, oh please let me know
Oh what now, what things have I missed
Have I surely missed out on a seed to sow?

What if he was saved, yes that could be
He could have known Jesus, yes surely he could
Oh that makes me feel better, to think that way
I'll just hope and pray and that will be good

The next day at work my boss said to me
That business was down and work was slow
And that 50 employees from this branch
Or maybe a hundred would have to be let go

Oh no, what I am going to go and do now
Oh Lord Jesus, why has this happened to me?
I prayed and I prayed over this situation
And then God said some words so very softly

He said that it's time for you to move on
I put you here for a very good reason
And the time has passed and it's time to go
All things have an end and some only a season

The man across the street from where you worked
His name was Jim and he never knew Me-
I was hoping you would have been able to talk
To him someday as you walked by each day at three

He was always outside and working in the yard
I made sure of that, so that you would see
He caught your attention and you did take notice
But you failed to be bold and to see if he was free

Oh Father in heaven, please forgive me
I won't do it again, Oh please help me to see
Please give me a chance, Oh Lord please
I will try harder, And I will help set them free

Just then an old woman came out of the house
And she asked me why I was crying so loud
I said that I wanted to meet the man
Who took care of this yard and was very proud

I told the old woman about how I felt
that I have watched him in this yard for years
And that I was ashamed that I never spoke a word
And that is what has caused my tears

The woman looked at me and then she also cried
She then gave me a big hug, and almost lost her stance
Then God spoke to me and said again soft
Now here is his wife, here's your 2nd chance