His Story
Poem by Mike Flipp

Billions and Billions of stories
Are attached to all of our lives
Will they be told to your children?
Will they be heard by your wives?

Each one of us has a story
And some have more than a few
Some are rather magnificent
Some are known only by you

What will you do with your story?
And who will you tell it to someday?
Or will you hold it in and keep it
All to yourself and for no one to say?

But soon enough, either way
Your story will end and become part of His
Oh Don't worry now
There will be no quiz

It's all recorded in His Story
You see, we all get this one great chance
Of which you are a part
One Life, One story, One Dance

Once it is written
and recorded for good
There will be no changing it
No checking under the hood

Its final its over it says The End
So what you do now has an effect
Will you choose Him?
Will you be one of the elect?

God only knows
How your story will end
He knows mine and yours
Every turn and big bend

But when everything has been
all said and done
There will still be God
His Sheep and His Son

Many stories will never be told
They will not make the book of life
Oh people hear these words
Hear them man and wife

His Story is being told
His Story the sheep tend
His Story is about Love
His Story will soon end

Will you tell yours?
Will you tell His?
Will you talk about the Lamb?
Will you do as He says?

You still have time
But for how long
Will you have courage?
Will you be strong?

His Story - History - Is God's Story