Idle Words
Poem By Mike Flipp

I often think about what things people say
When they're at work or just going about their day
They tell stories of hunting, and jokes that are raw
They talk about parties and even breaking the law
As they talk about these things oh how they do chuckle
They sit back and grin with their thumbs on their buckle
They will take no offense when telling these things
It's normal to them and they like the laughter it brings
They swear up and down and use God's name in vain
They haven't got a clue, no decency or shame
Well I have to tell you this for a fact
That I was this person and this way I did act
I had no clue or what it all meant
I was a lost soul then one day did repent
Now I can see all the harm I had done
When I listen to others having their fun
But as I look back I can only see now
That I was cursing myself and never saw how
Speaking bad words or against someone's life
Will only reverse and bring to you much strife
Do unto others as you would have done
I have been so blessed to know God's Son
Now I speak good things into my life
My family is blessed, my son and my wife
So when I gather around a few people to chat
And we sit around laughing and chewing the fat
I don't speak of the things that once held me back
I now speak of things that won't turn into attack
The words out of your mouth are so very important
They can cause things to happen in a very short moment
Even when something looks so very dim
Speak positive things and then just trust in Him
It takes some faith to tell a mountain to move
Believe what you say and get into the groove
This works on many things in your life
It will work on a tree, a pet or your wife
Say that tree is healthy, and my dog is great
My wife is first class and very top rate
Keep speaking this way to all that you see
And soon you'll be blessed and you'll be set free
What comes out of your mouth will affect your whole body
So keep your words clean and out of the potty
Take a look at the Bible in James chapter 3
Just have a look for yourself and you will agree
You will be judged by every idle word
That comes from your mouth whether good or absurd
So this you now know and a key has been given
A blessed life awaits you! So go start a Livin'!