The Empty Church
Poem By Mike Flipp
1/5/05 11:22 pm

I went to the church at a quarter past 4
Hoping to see someone, I opened the door
To my surprise no one was there
I looked and I looked but all in despair
So here I was all alone inside
I thought what should I do, ah this I haven't tried
I walked up to the pulpit and stood tall and proud
And began a sermon talking boldly and loud
I shouted at first and then messed up a few lines
I tried then again and talked about signs
"Jesus is coming" I said with a wail
"And signs are showing without fail
Do you see them, now how will you act?
What are you doing to announce this fact?
Oh people Oh people, can you not see?
We need to spread the gospel so they will all be free!"
I said it with authority and I meant what I said
And then I heard a sound, It was Pastor Ted
He looked at me and I looked back
Trying to slip away and out through a crack
I was so embarrassed, I just wanted to leave
Oh the things we say and the things we weave
He walked up to me and shook my hand
And then he asked me if that was all planned?
I said no, that I just got this feeling
And I said that I think our church needs a healing
We aren't doing enough, do you really think
What are we doing, where's the missing link?
Then Pastor Ted said to me, your gonna preach
Oh no not I, who can I reach?
I am only 12 and who will listen to a kid
But the Pastor made me do it and so I did
Sunday came and to the pulpit I went
I have no idea or how I was sent
But I went up there and words came out
First they were soft and then a shout
I shouted out loud what I had wanted to say
I said what are we going to do today
Do we come on Sunday's and then go home
And the rest of the week we are all alone
I'm only 12 but I can surely see
That this church is dead, Oh Jesus set us Free!
The boldness of a child was heard that day
The congregation knew and they began to say
The child is right, oh Lord help us now
Let us go out and let them say WOW
It took a child to have faith and to be bold
The Lord will use you too as it is told
Spread the gospel in any shape or way
Because Jesus is the same tomorrow, yesterday and today.