My Best Friend
A poem by Mike Flipp

When I was just about seven years old
My Grandpa and I would go fish our favorite hole
We'd spend time together and talkin' bout stuff
And then one time he even let me taste his snuff!
Oh it was horrible and I about lost my lunch
He laughed so hard and gave me a playful punch
We caught just about every kind of fish
And then one day he told me about a wish
He told me that when he was just a boy like me
He prayed to God and asked him and if He'd agree
That if He would grant him this one very thing
That he would promise to go to church AND to sing
So he told me he prayed and then went to church
And he sang and then his heart began to search
But the thing he asked for had not come
And he then thought that talking to God might be dumb
He didn't think that God had heard his request
Even though he tried his very best
He said he waited for years and it still never came
And he thought about praying, that it was really lame
Then Grandpa told me that was about 60 years or more
And then Grandpa told me what he had really prayed for
He said that he prayed for a friend to play
to wrestle with and laugh and to fish in the bay
He wanted a friend that he could call his best
A best friend is what he prayed for
And he put God to the test
But God never gave him that wish that he prayed
He thought that God didn't hear him and he was dismayed
But then Grandpa told me as we sat in the boat
God could not be tested, you'll either sink or float
Only by faith did Peter walk on water that day
And this he learned by going to church on Sunday
So he grew up and married his wife
They had a baby girl and a brand new life
That girl was my Mom and she gave birth to me
And then My Grandpa told me at the age of 63
That God answered his prayer, when he went fishing with me
He told me that I was his very best friend
And that I was whom God finally did send
Patience pays off Grandpa did say
So he told me to pray and to believe that way
I'll never forget what my Grandpa taught me
He taught me about life and living freely
He taught me about Jesus and Loving my neighbor
He showed me how to play, and to labor
I'm now 20 years old and I just lost my best friend
God I'm asking you for my heart to mend
When my Grandpa was 7 he asked of You
A wish that he knew would not come true
Because you are not to be tested in those such things
But I ask you today out of what my heart brings
I ask you oh Lord not for angels to send
But for you Dear Lord to be my new best friend