Son, Just Leave that to Me



(This is identical to Love is the Answer, but this

one has 3 more versus giving it a different ending.

I guess this one needed to be told twice in 2 different




A sign in a window said simply this

Love is the answer

I inquired within to see what it meant

The boy that I am was curious indeed


I was told many things that I didn�t understand

I listened to them and they told me to pray

Pray for what I asked with a shrug

Pray to God and know that He is


How do I do that again I asked how

They said just be simple and say it heartfelt

Say Dear Father, I ask of you today

To come into my life and show me the way


And close your prayer by saying this

In the name of Jesus, Amen

And in all things if you do just this

God will show you a path to take


What kind of path can He show a boy like me

They said it was grand, the path for me

And so I went home and went up to bed

I laid down to sleep, and a prayer I did say


Then I said two, and then two more

And soon I was sleepy, and could say no more

Then something came over me, Jesus then said

Do you believe in who I am


I said to Him then as I say every night

Jesus you are, the blood of the lamb

You gave your life for me and all man

For I am so grateful and full of Your love


He then said to me, will you repent of your sins

I said to Him then, I can and then did

We wept together for a very long time

I slept after that in His arms for a while


When I awoke I knew He was there

Everywhere I go He is with me

I pray to the Father in His name everyday

And He shows me things I have to share


So how do I say of the things He shows me

To people I love and know like family

I have to tell them for this is grand

And what I have seen, is complex to understand


He said to me then to be like a child

Simple and pure are you my son

I forgave you and you forgive them

Sometimes they will not know what you say


Just plant a seed and I will take care of the rest

Then tell them about love and the sign you saw

For the sign did say Love is the answer

And then you found Me, and I was so pleased


So what now do I do with my love for You

He said to have faith and then act in love

Do your very best and sometimes be still

Always ask Me for what�s in your heart


For I will be there always with you in spirit

And know that I am with you indeed

The path I have chosen for you is grand

Will you follow Me in the spirit of the lamb


Surely I can, I love You so much

But what can a boy like me do for You

For I am just a boy, and no one will listen

Son, just leave that to Me