Lost in Love



How can you learn to love

It is in your heart and no where else

What turns it on and off

How deep can you search for it


Where is it exactly

Please God help me to find it

And show me how to express it

Jesus please come into me


To show love in ways I know not now

I am lost and I need to be guided

To love my wife and family

To love all mankind in Your name


Your love for me means so much

I long to feel it and share it

My heart is open but not yet filled

There is so much room in there for more


When my wife cries it hurts me so

It makes me feel like I have done wrong

I ache in my heart when I hear her cry

The ache I have for her is love


Her sounds of tears are love for me

But the sound is one that I fear

Please Lord Please, come into me

And let me show her true love.