All You Want is More
By Michael Flipp

So you've got, everything all figured out
Just remember this, when your head's up in that cloud
Life's given you all, that you could ask for
And the Truth be told, ...all you want is more

Right now it'll take a plane to look down on you
But there'll come a day maybe more than a few
When your world comes crashing down
And you won't be the talk of the town

Look at that gutter and study it close
And think about what matters most
What you really need is what the world can't give
Jesus is a choice, choose Him and live

You were created by Him to do so much more
He's got a plan for you so get up off the floor
He gave His life for you so you'd learn about Love
Cry out to Him and have faith in God above

You can choose yourself and you can choose the world
You can choose the fame and all the pretty girls
But what's that going to get you in the very end
Will you even have anyone to call a true friend

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