Just 1 number off
Poem By Mike Flipp

She came home tired and weary from her days work
She waited tables and often got hit on by some jerk
She was alone and had no one to call her own
She sat with her feet up then heard the ring of the phone
As she reached over to pick it up, the ring ended abruptly
She pondered that to be odd, she then prayed fervently
She thought of all the people that the call could have been from
She prayed to God for a sign of what's to come
She wondered how long she would be alone in this house
She was barely getting by, owned only 2 skirts, 2 shirts and a blouse
The phone rang again and as before stopped just as suddenly
This was now making her think, this was turning into a mystery
More time passed and more depression sunk in
Back to work the next day. Her face showing no smile or grin
But late in the day a man came in for some food
As she waited on him she had expected his comments to be rude
But no such words came from this young man
He was polite and kind, handsome and tan
He then excused himself and complimented her smile
A small miracle here for no one had seen those teeth for quite a while
Now off he went after leaving her a tip
Written on a note was the quote, YOUR SKIRT HAS A RIP
Oh how embarrassed was she at the thought of him seeing this
She felt rather humble, her mind wondered amiss
But the note was written on an envelope that was sealed
She then tore it open and a weeks wages were revealed
From a perfect stranger, who was also polite and kind
She would go out and buy clothes and then relax and unwind
At home she tried them on and felt like someone new
She felt like a person and was no longer so blue
The phone then rang and she dashed to answer it
But as twice before, the ring just suddenly quit
Oh Lord, she said out loud, who keeps doing that to me?
If it's the wrong number, ok, but please do tell me!
I've never ever gotten a call from a friend
But these kinds of calls will send me over the end!
She went to work the next day wearing her brand new checkered skirt
She threw that old one away, out with the dirt
She smiled as she went about her day
Grinning and smiling like she was at play
Her attitude changed and it surely did show
In walked the man and she let out a bashful woah!
She ran into the back and quickly checked her hair
She was really nervous and quickly said a prayer
Lord Jesus, please hear me, I really like this guy
If it is meant to be Lord, don't let me cry
She walked out to his table and gave a humble Thank You
And he said to her back, Your Welcome, you too...
Well what do you have to thank me for?
She asked as she wondered what he had in store
He said that she was an answer to a long ago prayer
For he asked God for a sign about a woman so rare
A woman with faith, and who believed in the Lord
A woman who's beauty was deeply inward
And as I see you now in that brand new skirt
He then took off his jacket, revealing a perfectly matching shirt
So I am surprised to see you wearing that skirt
The one that perfectly matches my brand new shirt
So thank you I say, to God and to you
For making my day and dreams come true
I was wondering if I might be able to call you at home
Will you give me your number, so that I may phone?
Surely she said as she wrote it down for him
He then looked at the number and let out a grin
I've called this number last week three times
By accident of course, it cost me 3 dimes
For your number you see, is only 1 number off
He was then amazed and awestruck and then came a cough
She couldn't hardly stand the suspense anymore
She said tell me, quit teasing, and stomped her foot on the floor
He just sat there and let out a great big WOW
He then looked up and said Oh Lord Jesus, How?
What are the odds of her number being just one from mine?
Oh Thank you Jesus for being so divine!
I misdialed my number when I called home to see
If there were any messages that had been left for me
But over the last few days since seeing you
My mind has been scrambling and I guess my fingers have been too
The first day I saw you I was too shy to come in
I was so flustered and had no idea where I'd begin
But then God reminded me, the Kingdom of heaven is not for cowards
So the next day I walked in, the butterflies churned my innerds
I sat at that table as bold as I could
I sat there so nervous, my knees knocked together like wood
And when you came over and showed me your smile
I knew right then that it was worth my while
So thank you for the smile that gave me some hope
And thank you for not making me feel like some dope
I'll call you tonight at half past nine
And maybe some time we'll go out to dine
That would be grand she said to the young man
She rushed home after work and began to plan
She got into her warm cumfy jammies
An old T-shirt she had taken from the closet of her pappies
She poured herself some ice water in a tall clear glass
And awaited the call, it finally rang at last
They talked for hours about many things throughout each ones life
After that the man just knew and then asked her to be his wife
God will provide all your hearts desires
But it is Love that He truly admires