4 Men Adrift
Poem by Mike Flipp

4 men adrift and alone in boat
lucky for them they remained afloat
Their ship was struck by a mighty blow
Sank it did, and now they must row
No food or water, no land in sight
Only God to help them, that was their plight
Praying to God, who answers such things
A miracle we need or some angels wings
It seemed hopeless at best to get them rescued
Things would get worse, this was only a prelude
Soon a storm arose in the night
What could be worse they thought in fright
The rain did come, and water they now had
The water in the raft didn't taste that bad
There became so much that they almost sank
So into their bellies they lapped and drank
The rain did stop and there was plenty more
3 days at sea, was the end in store?
Which way is land and how far must they go
God only knows which way the wind blows
But then when hunger had really set in
A fish jumped in it had a really big fin
It was huge with a sword and it riggled about
The men thought danger and nearly jumped out
But one of them was eager and clubbed it with a shoe
Had to hit it 10 times, it was a big to do!
A man then bit, another stopped him from being rude
He then said Father, Thank you for this food!
Now as the men bit in and ate the swordfish
Inside the belly they found another wish
Swallowed up inside was a shiny old thing
What they could not believe was when it started to ring!
One man answered it and then said hello
A woman was calling looking for her fellow
They said they were sorry and could not help
But told her of their need and living on fish and some kelp
They said they had no idea where they were
Just floating in a raft in the ocean for sure
She called the coast guard, and the search began
Find 4 guys in a raft, that was the plan
Later that day they all saw the ship
Coming at them at a good nautical clip
The survivors were saved and thankful were they
For prayers that were said, in Jesus Name, ...Amen

Mark 9:23
Jesus said to him, If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes.