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  • Blink of an Eye
    By Michael Flipp

    We all have a story
    We all have a Life
    We effect somebody
    Maybe your husband or your wife
    But one of these days
    I'm going to leave this place
    One of these days
    I'm going to finish up my race

    (Chorus) I'm going to be caught up to my Savior
    I'm going to float up in the sky
    My faith it will not waiver
    I'll soon be gone.......In the blink of an eye!
    Maybe they'll say, where did he go?
    Maybe they'll say, what happened here?
    Maybe there'll come, tribulations woe?
    Maybe it will cause, some Godly fear?

    Don't take the mark
    Don't believe the lie
    The Deception is going to start
    They'll try to tell you why
    Hopefully you'll put 2 and 2 together
    Hopefully you'll figure it out
    That God's Word is altogether
    The only truth without a doubt

    We didn't just die
    We didn't just go
    Don't believe the lies
    The truth you now know
    It's gonna be ok
    No matter what they do
    You too can know the way
    Because Jesus Loves you too!

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