What in the World Would I Know
By Michael Flipp

What if I only saw the world
Through a small rectangle window
And what if all I was ever told
Were the lies that came from below

Ohhh ... what in the world would I know?
And where would I go?
Who's gonna tellem' what they need to hear?
Who's gonna showem' what they need to fear?
What good's the truth if you don't share it
Unless you don't, really believe it

How would anyone ever know the truth?
If no one ever tells them
How would anyone see what's right
If no one ever showed them

What if you spent your whole life
Living in a small town at that
And you never traveled outside the line
Would you know the world was round or flat

What if you said that you believed
That Jesus died for you
If this is something you never speak
Would you be tellin' the truth

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