I tied this poem to a helium balloon and let it go into the sky.

A Balloon of Hope
Poem by Mike Flipp

Things happen for a reason
Often times not until their season
So on this beautiful day
You just happened on your way
To find this balloon crossing your path
Whether in a tree, a bush or in your bird bath
Rolling in a field or along side of the road
Or out on your lawn with the grass freshly mowed
I would have to say that if you found this treasure
That it was faith and hope and for God to measure
Because God led this balloon and guided its way
So that you would happen to see it one day
You may have been doing or planning something else
You may have been delayed or stopped by some pals
This was all for a reason and if you stop and think
Why do I ever get delayed, just look and don't blink
Or how about that time when you got a flat
And you were late and never even thought of that
Because of the accident that was averted
When that nail was just so slightly inserted
Or it caused you to meet up with someone you knew
Or a long lost friend who said WOW, you sure grew!
We sometimes will never know all of the reasons God has
Why do we like Rock, or Country or Jazz?
So things like this don't happen everyday
But for some odd reason I wrote this poem today
So I could send it to heaven and let God do the rest
So let this be a sign and a seed of God's best
To touch your heart and make you ponder
Of why you of all people, happened to look over yonder
And see this beautiful balloon with a basket hanging
You were led this day and it is very amazing
I believe that God sent you to pick up this poem
Whether you believe in Him or don't even know Him
You see God has been giving me some pretty cool signs
Signs of 2's, things happening twice and along those lines
They started on the 2nd Sunday after Easter in 2003
It has been over two years and they're still finding me
All I needed to do was to pray and then look
And believe it would happen and have the faith it took
So first I believed and then looked for a sign
I looked and I looked for a real long time
And then it happened, and the sign did come
I aint no one special, this can happen to anyone
So here is a sign for you from Him
Yes God above is not so grim
He loves all his children so very much
And He is looking for them so He can touch
Their hearts today so they can know Him
Sometime God even goes out on a limb
To get your attention and say Hi, I am here
This balloon comes with Love so have no fear
You found this balloon or did it find you
2 things in motion but what's really true?
Why do things happen the way they do?
Why did this happen, why did God choose you?
So as my story goes along I think there is a reason
Why God chose you as it seemed very pleasin'
So I invite you to send me an email some day
As I know you'll have a story to say
About how you found the balloon and it found you
But I'm willing to go out on that limb also too
And I think that God has a special appointment in time
And I find it remarkable that this did all rhyme
I hope you understand and know what all this meant
Because by faith this balloon of Hope was sent