A Simple Old Song
Poem by Mike Flipp

All things mighty and grand
Come to those from His hand
All things mighty and great
Are never too early, never too late

All things were created by Him alone
Every idea, together or alone
For nothing exists without Him
Everything exists because of Him

So cherish it all, both big and small
Every ounce whether short or tall
Be thankful for what you surely can see
The money, the house, the fact that you're free

Your life, even if you think it's not grand
It may be luxurious, It may be just bland
For it is only a vessel for a very short while
It is one loaned to you and not to beguile

You are given free will to do as you please
But be forewarned, and eager to please
Be eager to help, be eager to pray
Be eager for Jesus in every way

Your reward will be true and full of great light
You can't run, you're never out of His sight
Don't try to hide the things that you've done
Repent all your sins, to God and His Son

Give to the world, all the Love that you can
Just Love one another, that's the perfect plan
Just trust in God, and be at peace with Him
His Love for you will never ever grow dim

He is the light that shines always forever
Nothing is more beautiful, nor any treasure
You only get one chance, and it doesn't last long
I hope you get the message of this simple old song.