What Did He See?
Poem By Mike Flipp

Once every so often something really big comes about
Something so wonderful, every one will shout
Something so grand and amazing no doubt
Something you'd have to tell everyone about
Well just such a thing happened to me
It happened last night at a quarter past 3
I just could not believe my eyes
I thought No one will believe this, no matter how hard one tries
But surely this is no conjured up tale
This truly happened, without fail
This was one of those "once in a life times"
This was one of those Almighty God Signs
It was so miraculous and so profound
And yet all the while there wasn't a sound
I just sat and stared with a look of awe
This blew me away and dropped my jaw
I was wowed, I was moved, and couldn't say a word
And even if I did would I even be heard
So I guess I will have to share with you
This thing so grand that was a big to do
But if I do you have to promise
Not to cry when I tell you this
If I asked you to guess I wonder what you'd say
I'm wondering what you're thinking right now this day
So go ahead and make a good guess
At what this was so give it your best
Was it God I saw or was it an angel
Was it Jesus himself? These thoughts do dangle
What could it be, what did this man see
What was so grand oh please tell me!
So you're in suspense, over this great thing
Is your interest peaked and do your ears so ring?
Ok here it goes, the thing you've been waiting for
The thing so grand this thing I've not told before
It's not just a thing, it's the woman I adore
The thing I saw was her coming through the door!
She's been gone for years and no one knew where
She left me one day no worries no care
I thought she was gone forever you see
God answered my prayer, now she's back home with me!