Ups and Downs
By Michael Flipp

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Ups and Downs Music and Vocals by Joshua Holbrook

Shakin' my fist and wonderin' why
Bang it on the table, maybe even cry
Getting' so fed up with how things are goin'
I gotta make a change, I gotta do some growin'
...UP that is...

I aint never found God but I wasn't really lookin'
I thought I had it figured out, but it was me I was foolin'
The truth can hit a guy
Right between the eyes...
He'll think it's just a distraction
Cuz he's lookin' in the wrong direction
...DOWN that it...

I aint gonna find the answer
in a pill, a joint or a bottle
I cant buy my way in with money
Or get in with good looks like a model
Maybe I've been lookin'
For a quick fast short cut way
But it's been starin' right at me
And the Devil's tryin' to make me pay
...UP that is...

I've heard about Jesus but never met Him
And I heard He'll forgive but I gotta let Him
So what am I going to believe
God on High or the Devil down low
Jesus is just trying to save me
And the Devil's trying to make me go
...DOWN that is...

UP and DOWN it's a roller coaster ride
The life we live and hope to find
UP UP UP with the Lord God on High
Or DOWN DOWN DOWN with the Devil to die
We all have the freedom to choose
With One you'll win and the other you'll lose

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