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  • Guitar Man
    Poem By Mike Flipp

    A man with a guitar began to play
    On the corner of 2nd street and Main
    It was busy that day and people hurried
    Along the sidewalk, they bustled and scurried
    Where they were going only God knew
    So the guitar man played a song or two
    He sung about life's ups and downs
    He sung about smiles but more of frowns
    He sung about women in his Life
    He sung about happy days with his wife
    He sung about the Dog who's name was blue
    He sung about his truck and having the flu
    As people walked by and tossed coins in his hat
    It made him happy to do just that
    That was his love, playing songs for folks
    Talking with friends and telling some jokes
    Singing his songs where ever he could
    Strumming that guitar where ever he would
    The things he sung about were given by God
    The things in life, both easy and hard
    Its all good, the guitar man sang
    It was all about the Love that the good Lord brang
    He was humble indeed, his songs did tell
    He was given a gift and he used it well
    Then along the sidewalk came a man
    He threw down a note and off he ran
    The Guitar Man stopped his playing
    He read the note and what it was saying
    It said, Be at the corner, tonight at 10
    Someone will meet you, a couple of men
    Exciting and dangerous it all seemed
    Should I do it, Lord what have you deemed?
    Please guide me oh Lord, and what shall I do?
    Shall I go, will you let me hear from you?
    The Lord spoke and said be there at ten
    All will be well with those 2 men
    So at 10 the guitar man played
    On the corner of 2nd street and Main
    Along came a producer from a meeting he was at
    His assistant was with, they both wore a hat
    They heard the man sing, and strum his guitar
    They stopped for a minute while he played another bar
    Impressed were they, and not just a little
    They said he would go good accompanied with a fiddle!
    So they gave the Guitar man their card
    And said here's our number its not very hard
    Give us a call tomorrow around 9
    We have a contract for you to sign
    As they walked away the Guitar man cried
    He thanked God almighty for his arms open wide