"What Does it Mean?"
By Michael Flipp

What does it mean
To Love your brother
And what does it mean
To Love one another
And what does it mean
To Love God like no other
Ohhhhhhh.... - What does it mean?

If you love God
And if you Love Jesus
If you come to Him
And do as He pleases
The commandments that He gives us
Are not a burden to us
If you'll just... put your trust...
In the one called Jesus!

He's giving you the time
And He's giving you the space
He already died for you
Now accept His loving grace
He created everything
And there is one thing
That He wants to do...
He just wants to Love You


And if you will...
Then He will...
Manifest Himself to you,
Come and dwell inside of you,
Listen to your every prayer,
Be with you everywhere,
Keep the enemy away from you,
The evil one from hurting you,
Walk across the desert sands,
Just to hold you in His hands,
Hear your every cry,
When on your knees asking why,
Oh yes He will...
Ohhhhh...- yes He will...
Because He Loves You
Yes Jesus Loves You


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