The Gift
By Mike Flipp

A long long time ago
On a cold and wintry night
A little boy knelt down
And prayed with all his might

For he so wanted a gift
Greater than any he's asked before
He prayed to God above
In the name of Jesus our Lord

He then went to bed dreaming
Of his precious gift to come
For he believed it would happen
And he knew it would be done

He awoke the next morning
And touched the cold frozen window
Christmas day was finally here
So he ran downstairs and said hello

To the man at the counter
Who was always there
He ran the orphanage
And never seemed to care

But the boy was always nice
And polite to this old man
And helped him with chores
And many errands he ran

But today was different you see
Today was going to be grand
Today was going to be heard
All across the land

The boy then asked the old man
Has any one come to visit us today?
The old man just shrugged
Then shook his head in a puzzling way

The boy then thought about the gift
The gift that he prayed for last night
And he then told the old man
He prayed for Jesus to give him his sight

The boy was blind and could not see
And has never seen a light
His mother died when he was three
His Father died in the fight

The old man just looked at the boy
And said do you really think you'll see?
The boy just smiled and said
I know Jesus heard my plea

The old man touched the boy
And led him to the door
He turned the knob and opened it wide
The cold air blew across his face and the floor

A power then came into the boy
He then felt heat and was no longer cold
The old man became worried
But remembered what the boy had told

The boy then stood up
And he looked at the old man
And he said to him there
You see, I told you Jesus can!

The old man looked on
with a very astonished face
Do you see me standing?
Do you see this place?

The boy then shouted
I see, I see
Oh Thank you Jesus
I see, I see

A Christmas miracle was heard around town
As a young boy now sees for the very first time
A young couple heard of the news
And rushed to the orphanage and got in line

Every child there
was adopted that day
except the boy
who wanted to stay

He asked the old man
If he could remain
A friend to him
In Jesus Name, Amen