You Bet Your Life
Poem By Mike Flipp

A man came to town looking for a game
High stakes was the flavor, He never gave his name
Into the back room he and 5 others went
Sat down at the table an honorable gent
The cards were dealt a many times over
On the table in the corner lay a hound named Rover
Now Rover had some really big eyes
The gambling gent noticed and suddenly became wise
He could see the reflection in Rover's glossy stare
Of the cards of another man totally unaware
Now the pot was getting big and only 2 of them were left
The man lost his honor and looked to see how Rover was dressed
Rover had on a suit all of one color and the man knew not to fold
For he had in his hand a boat the stare in his eyes was rather cold
As he looked at the man over by Rover he raised it all and bet the farm too
The man called the raise, added a car and some land worth a quite a penny or two
The betting was done and the man showed his boat
But a voice then said, sorry son, that won't float
What do you mean my boat wont float, what have you that's so plush?
Ahhh said the devil, with a smirky old smile, I've got me a straight flush!
The once honorable man, who resorted to cheating by watching the eyes of a dog
He thought the man had only a flush, but as it turned out, Rover's eyes had some fog
Now poor and alone and without any honor
The man surely thought he was a goner
I deserve what I got, for trying to cheat
Too much temptation was had in that seat
I should never have looked into old Rover's eyes
All they showed me was a bunch of lies
I should have played the game on the level
All I did was to invite the devil
Now I have nothing, not even my farm
I have no pillow, no bed or alarm
Oh God what shall I do now
Will you show me a way or show me how?
I am sorry for the stupid thing I've done
Please forgive me, You and Your Son
Sometime it takes a humble moment in time
Sometimes you get dirty, and filled with grime
But it's at times like these when there is still hope
Mercy comes from the Lord to help us all cope
We make mistakes, but there is a way out
Repent and be sorry, be humble no doubt
So if you're a gambling man and have no shame
You surely are the one to blame
There truly is a place called heaven and hell
Some people get it right, and many others fell
Are you a gambler and have you bet your life?
Take a look at the odds, no one's holding a knife
Justice will be done, to the wrong and the right
And your life could end this very same night
So sit down in the seat and take a look at your hand
It's your call, its your bet, so now take a stand
Ask Jesus to come into your heart
Ask him to never be far apart
Repent of your sins and have a talk with Him
Its that simple and easy it isn't so grim
Turn away from your unrighteous ways
When you bet your life, then its the devil who plays