I'm Gonna Do It
By Michael Flipp

I've got one foot in the boat
And one foot in the water
I don't know if I have the faith
but I do know I'm your daughter
And so I'm going to take a step
Out into that great unknown
It's gonna take every thing I've got
To get out of my comfort zone

I'm gonna do it for You Lord
I'm gonna do it all for You!
I'm gonna do it for Your Love
And You'll know my love is true!

I'm not the kind
to make any kind of wave
What's gonna happen
After the first ripple that I make


Will I turn around
or will I get back in the boat
Will I sink to the bottom
Or in your arms will I float


It's probably just my fears for me to worry
Can I take it really slow or do I have to hurry
Either way I go...
there's one thing I know...
I'll keep my eyes on Jesus,
and my faith will grow!


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