Use Me For Your Glory
By Michael Flipp

I can see the lightning flashing
And feel the thunder when it moans
God's creation all around me
And from within the Spirit groans
Holy Spirit crying out, Jesus is inside me
Holy Spirit High and Mighty
He kept His promise and baptized me
Oh Lord use me for your glory

Breaking Chains off all the captives
Jesus came to save the day
Arrived in the humblest fashion
Rose from the dead on the 3rd day

Obedience demands our actions
Less it be just boastful talking
Or is it just some false sensations
Or are we really truly walking

Blow the horn and sound the trumpet
For the enemy is here
Don't ever let them forget it
And to only God is whom we fear

Now bind that evil demon to the pit
In the name of Jesus here and now
Tellem' that he's gotta up and git
And to only God is whom we bow

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