Christian Song Writer

Christian Songs Written
By Mike Flipp
These Christian Songs below need music and or a Christian band to bring them to life.
Here is a list of Christian Songs I've written so far that just need a Christian band or singer to make these songs their own! Songs that have music already added and need a band or singer

If you would like to use these words or lyrics in one of your songs, or would like to make one of the songs your own, Email me! Click Here

List of Christian Song Lyrics still needing music...

  • I'm Gonna' Do It
  • We're Walking it Out
  • TheEnemy
  • What in the World Would I Know
  • All You Want is More
  • Great Prince of Peace
  • If These Walls Could Talk
  • Use Me For Your Glory
  • All My Sins
  • Woe America
  • You Do Something About It
  • What Good Is It
  • Stand Fast
  • Jesus My Love Song
  • Society's Falling Down
  • There's Such a Thing Called Love
  • Please Lord Oh Please
  • Oh Lord
  • Oh Sweet Jesus
  • Why Don't I Talk About Him
  • G-O-S-P-E-L
  • Just Like a Hurricane
  • In Heaven We'll Sing
  • Why Did this Have to Happen to Me
  • Ups and Downs
  • So Who's Your King
  • Those Days
  • The Real Me
  • You are God's and No One Else's
  • Take Me As I Am
  • Hey You
  • I Thank God
  • We Just Gotta Believe
  • YourFaithWillCome
  • What Does it Mean
  • Fall On Me
  • Get Plugged In
  • I Was a Dead Man
  • He Said Lettem' Dance
  • Have You Been Filled
  • Overflowing
  • Tell Them About Me
  • A Mile or 2
  • When Jesus Comes Back Again
  • We Have a Hand
  • I Gotta Have You in Me
  • Cry Out
  • Runnin' To Ya
  • Words I Sing
  • Show Me the Way
  • Take It By Force
  • He's The One
  • Today's Just One of Those Days