Send The Word of God, Lyrics for a Christian Musical
Poem By Mike Flipp

The sign said, take a number
So I did, and began to wonder
I wanted to return something I did not need
It must have been a mistake, I can not read
This book was given to me by a friend
All the way from Tupelo he did send
A bible it was, leather bound and nice
I bet it was expensive that books price
Another number called, I am almost there
I took another step toward the cashier
I wonder what this cost and how much I'll get back
I will take the money and go buy a Big Mac
I haven't eaten in days, I could have used food
If he would have sent me that, it would have been good
A woman behind me then asked me a question
She asked if that book had taught me a lesson
I responded politely, that No it had not
For I couldn't read, I think my friend forgot
The woman then said, I see
She then said, Would you like to be free?
I said please explain what you mean by that
She said, that book contains all the meat and the fat
For that book surely gives you much food
Your daily bread, meat and even desserts that are good!
How is this so, How can a book contain that?
She said, God wrote that book so don't give it back
But if I can't read the things that are inside
How will I know if what you say is not a lie?
She then asked me if I was willing to learn
And that she would teach me and to discern
So I accepted her offer and stepped out of line
She said to meet at the Library, Monday at 9
To the Library I went, for weeks and weeks
I began to understand the rewards to him who seeks
Oh what a gift I have been given
Now I can surely start a livin
Now I have my daily bread
I am so alive and no longer dead
I asked Jesus to come into my life
And then I asked the woman to be my wife
That one simple book given to me as a gift Taught me about Jesus and His name to uplift
Had I learned to read along time ago
I would have never met her and said I do.
I wrote my friend a letter for the very first time
I thanked him for the gift of that mountain to climb
For the mountain of illiteracy did not get in his way
From sending the Word of God to me that day
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