Signs from God


Signs from God were given in such an amazing way. I received so many I had to write them all down in this free book. These signs from God are amazing. Coincidences are NOT random occurances. Some are just jaw dropping! This testimony is to be read for free, for freely it was received and freely it will be given. The signs start out simple and then get more amazing as time goes on. Over 3 years worth of signs have been recorded and have led to a cross over the United States and very good insight as to the 2nd coming of the Lord.

If a coincidence happened to you would you believe there was a divine power of God behind it, or would you dismiss it as a random coincidence? Most people dismiss it, or them. Signs from God come to people to wake them up or to lead them. Next time you have coincidences occur, remember it, write it down with the date and time. Pray about the meaning and shortly, you will know what it is leading you to know. Click Here to read this amazing testimony