Shape of Cross over United States

Shape of a Cross over the United States

God has given me signs of a cross over United States. Points on the cross are on the 93rd longitude line and along the 39th latitude line. There have been 9 points revealed to me. The cross goes north and south from Minnesota to Louisiana and the east and west from Washington DC to the Coast of California. The nine points on the cross over United States are as follows:

North to South

Kettle River, Minnesota
Austin, Minnesota
Arrow Rock, Missouri (center)
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Natchitoches, Louisiana

East to West

Washington DC
Petersburg, Kentucky
Arrow Rock, Missouri (center)
Grand Junction, Colorado
Point Arena, Califorina

God is going to do something miraculous

Read the full true story for free as well as the other amazing signs given from God. What is going to happen at these points is going to be known world wide. Exactly what, and when however has not been revealed yet. If something happens, I will post it on this website. The Day of The Lord is Near.