Cross in the sky, a confirmation sign from God.
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  • A confirmation Cross in the Sky!

    This is the Miracle photo taken on September 26th, 2004 on Atonement Sunday. Actually 2 were taken, and the 2nd one has our attention the most. Here is why. I was in Austin, Minnesota at the northern point of the Lord's Cross over America and while I was out front on the sidewalk of the Vineyard Church, I phoned my Dad, who was in Tupelo, Mississippi. WHile I was telling him of the amazing things I had heard and felt at this church, he explained to me that he was seeing some amazing signs also. I then asked him, "What signs?" He said that right now, this very minute, there is a cross in the sky forme by two straight and narrow clouds that moved together and formed it. I told him to take a photo of it quickly before it went away. He took 2. The first the flash was on. So he thought the reflection of the flash on the window would white out the cross in the sky. So he turned off the flash and took another one. Both turned out very good. Then shortly there after he had Dale take a photo of him to show where he was sitting in the hotel room and saw the cross. What you will see then now are 3 photos. Photo 1 is with flash on and it shows cross in the sky. Notice the diamond shaped anomaly in the lower left of the photo and its position according to the trees in the background. Now look at photo 2, and look at the diamond shaped anomaly that appeared again in the lower left corner. It is in a different place, proving that it was not on the window, so my Dad thought that it must be something on the lens of the camera itself, but when the next photo, photo number 3 shown, was taken, there appeared no anomaly. If you look at the anomaly in the 2nd photo taken, Notice the 2 here, that there is another cross that appears inside of this diamond. My Dad says that with his larger computer monitor, that this cross appears over the shape of the globe or the earth and it is a figure of a man to which he thinks is representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is also one other thing that you might notice. The 4 points of the diamond in which 3 of them are bright and the eastern point of the diamond is not. This may in itself be a sign. For as of the day that this was taken, and then after returning from the Houston Astrodome at the healing explosion, we had confirmed the North, South and Western points of the cross. The Eastern point of the cross had come to me as Washington DC. But for some reason, I have not gotten a solid reconfirmation of this point. And the dream that one of our christian followers had was that Jesus said, from Shore to Shore. Washington DC is along the Potomac River which goes out to the Atlantic, but is not on the eastern shore itself. So we are awaiting final confirmation of an eastern point of the cross. Please study these photos for yourself. The timing and the way that these photos came about, are truly a miracle and also tell me that there are 2 crosses and to look for confirmation of the eastern point of the Lord's Cross over America. The fact it was taken on Atonement Sunday, while I was talking with my Dad, and standing outside of the first church contact in the first town of the Lord's Cross, is confirmation in a magnificent way! Praise the Lord for these photos and His timing of them.

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