Multiple Raptures

Proof that a Pre trib, a Post Trib
and a Post Millennial Rapture all occur!
3 Raptures!

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I was always a believer that there was one rapture, prior to understanding what I know now, I believed in the Post Tribulation rapture. There is just too much evidence stating that there will be a Rapture immediately after the Tribulation of those days. A pre Tribulation rapture believer that dismisses this, is not seeing the entirety of the scriptures. I do believe in a Pre tribulation rapture NOW, but ONLY because there is ALSO another one that reconciles scripture. You can't have a Pre Trib Rapture only, and you can't have a Post Tribulation Rapture ONLY. The scriptures just do not reconcile and work together. And that is probably what all the division over this topic is about. I am sure that many people once seeing these proofs, if they pray and seek guidance and understanding, will go AHAH! WOW! But if you are closed up, you may be so rutted in, you won't see or hear anything different because you are ridged on a particular verse, and I will show you a fun way of thinking about things to lighten you up before we get serious.

We often read scriptures that state a fact in the bible, and what do we do? Most of the time we take that fact and nothing else can be anything different than this fact. Well, to be honest, sometimes that is the case. But other times, there is room for 2 truths to exist side by side. Let me explain how and what I am getting at here. I will use a type of parable, Jesus often used them to make people understand more clearly.

Here is a statement: Mike likes eating vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce on Tuesdays after 8 PM. He likes walnuts on it too.
Let's grade other statements about the above statement now, watch this:

  • Mike likes ice cream. True
  • Mike likes walnuts. True
  • Mike eats ice cream out of a bowl (Dont know - need more info. We could assume, but to be sure, we dont know. Need more scripture.)
  • Mike ate plain vanilla ice cream. (Well you could say that is false, IF there were no other possible options, but Could Mike eat plain ice cream if he ran out of chocolate sauce and walnuts? Could he eat plain ice cream on Fridays?)
  • Mike eats ice cream on Mondays. (Statement could be true or false, because Mike could eat ice cream on both days! We cannot remove the main statement and take away Tuesday, but to make a claim out the original statement that says its the ONLY day Mike eats ice cream would actually be adding to the Main statement, it would be adding an assumption.
  • Mike ate ice cream at 4 PM. (True or False - It could be true that Mike ate ice cream twice that day. The fact that it could be true does not disprove it, and it does not change the other statement of eating after 8PM. So I state True or False because we would need more information. So later in the story you see this statement. "At 10PM 2 bowls with dried ice cream residue were found in the sink unwashed." Hmmmm, ok, so now we have something interesting to think about. Did Mike eat ice cream at 6 and again after 8 PM? That is a possibility and cannot be ruled out unless we have more information. We are however doing a little supposing at this point because we have another possibility, Mike had company over and they both had ice cream. Or, Mike did not wash dishes all week long and they are stacking up. But this idea brings about other issues of supposing on top of supposing as in, well, he had to have eaten other things all week long, why would he have washed those dishes and not last Tuesday's ice cream bowl? He went on vacation for a week? I hope you get what I mean.

    Ok so you can see how this goes, if you want to be rigid, the Mike can only have ice cream on Tuesdays. Never before 8PM Gosh no. And he will ALWAYS have walnuts and chocolate sauce or else he just wont have any at all! LOL

    I did not want to get into a crazy thing like this without very good detail of scripture to use in making a case. I just wanted to point out that the above scenerio makes very valid points, and it also makes some supposing. So to be fair, in one of my rapture theories, I clearly make some supposing, and I want you to judge. That theory is the 3rd rapture, which is the Post Millennial Rapture.

    The other 2 raptures I will discuss and provide very solid proofs for, and they are the Pre Trib Rapture and the Post trib Rapture. So 3 Raptures total. And this article talks about the entirety of the issues. I hope you enjoy reading the case for Multiple Raptures, because Oh yeah, why did I even want to get into this debate in the first place? God blew my mind when he revealed these things to me. It all started with a dream He gave me! And when God gives you a talent, you better not go and bury the thing, you better start sharing it the best you know how and investing in the kingdom.

    Read 3 Raptures HERE! Thank You Jesus!

  • You may purchase a kindle version or a paper back version on Amazon

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