3 Raptures

Proof that a Pre trib, a Post Trib
and a Post Millennial Rapture all occur!
3 Raptures!

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I have always a believed that there would be a rapture, and it would happen immediately after the Tribulation. And for 17 years of my Christian walk with Jesus, I would have called my self a Post Tribber. Well that all changed one day when God gave me a dream. It was a Rapture Dream! I was so moved that I could not shake it. In the dream I was afraid when something grabbed me and shot me upwards into the sky, I was so fearful. I woke up from the dream and I was praying to God, what was that? Lord help with the interpretation. It seemed like a rapture dream Lord. And I just felt the Lord ask me a question, if it was a rapture, then why were you afraid? And that started it all. I went on a quest to find what I had missed in the bible before. And I found out that there will be 3 Raptures! WOW was I ever floored. It took me 2 years to think, read and ponder this all out, and then it hit me one day, and I searched the scriptures, and this is what I found. Let me share this with you, because if God gives you a talent, (alot of money lets say, or a gift, or whatever) Do not bury it, share it with everyone and Give God the Glory. Amen.

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Thank You Jesus!

You may purchase a kindle version or a paper back version on Amazon

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